If you are very interested in theoretical ultracold quantum physics or quantum simulators, and if you would like to do a Bachelor End Project or Master Thesis Research project with me, please contact me via the coordinates below. I also supervise joint experimental-theoretical projects, and joint research projects with the department of Mathematics at TU/e.

Interested in a PhD or Postdoc position? Please contact me, as we might have openings.
Servaas Servaas Kokkelmans

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Latest News:

Launch Center for Quantum Materials and Technology Eindhoven (QT/e)

We are happy and proud to announce that the Center for Quantum Materials and Technology Eindhoven has been founded at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The Center will be officially opened on Friday June 29, 2018 by Prof.dr.ir Frank Baaijens, Rector Magnificus of our university. Read more.

Dynamical formation of the unitary Bose gas

We study the structure of a Bose-condensed gas after quenching interactions to unitarity. Using the method of cumulants, we decompose the evolving gas in terms of clusters. Within the quantum depletion we observe the emergence of two-body clusters bound purely by many-body effects, scaling continuously with the atomic density. As the unitary Bose gas forms, three-body Efimov clusters are first localized and then sequentially absorbed into the embedded atom-molecule scattering continuum of the surrounding depletion. These results motivate future experimental probes of a quenched Bose-condensate during evolution at unitarity.   arXiv:1805.06808